Preparedness is Key: Explore Essential Safety Equipment for Hostile Environments matched perfectly to Comera SAFE, HEAT and OME Training.

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Alpha High Cut Helmet – Fully Equipped – Sarkar x Comera

The Sarkar Tactical Alpha High Cut Helmet is...
£345.00 View Details

Bellator – Plate Carrier – Sarkar x Comera

The Bellator is the latest tactical plate carrier...
£135.00 View Details

Covert Tactical Vest – Sarkar x Comera

The Sarkar Covert Tactical Vest (CTV) can be...
£95.00 View Details

PASGT Helmet – Sarkar x Comera

Compromising a lightweight shell with ultra-comfortable webbing and...
£345.00 View Details

Sarkar Ballistic Flotation Vest 110 – Sarkar x Comera

The Sarkar BFV110 combines the ballistic qualities of...
£220.00 View Details

Sarkar Delta-3 – Sarkar x Comera

This lightweight 10” x 12” Level III plate...
£245.00 View Details

Sarkar Demining Vest – Sarkar x Comera

The Sarkar Tactical Demining Vest provides maximum comfort...
£600.00 View Details

Sarkar Krieger Plate Carrier – Sarkar x Comera

The Krieger is the latest tactical carrier from...
£195.00 View Details

Sarkar VIP Ultra Covert Vest – Comera x Sarkar

The Sarkar Ultra Covert Vest offers the thinnest,...
£95.00 View Details

Sarkar Warcom5 Tactical Headset – Sarkar x Comera

Sarkar Warcom5™ tactical headset provides an exceptional convergence...
£350.00 View Details

Warrior Elite – Hard Armour Plate – Sarkar x Comera

This 10” x 12” plate is our ultra-light...
£295.00 View Details

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