Sarkar Krieger Plate Carrier – Sarkar x Comera



key features

The Krieger is the latest tactical carrier from Sarkar. It is a MOLLE compatible plate carrier which accepts the use of soft Armour inserts as well as the hard Armour plates that it was designed for.

It meets the needs of tactical teams with a completely mission adaptable Armour system. Designed to provide maximum functionality and manoeuvrability, this carrier offers the perfect combination of protection and performance.


  • Lightweight, close-fitting design.
  • Offered in 1000D CorduraR.
  • Tough enough to be worn in all conditions.
  • Fully adjustable waist and shoulders.
  • Soft Armour pockets in front, rear and cummerbund.
  • Will hold 8”x10”and 10”x12” plates.
  • Front panel allows for hook & loop ID panel if needed.
  • PALS webbing on front, rear and cummerbund to mount MOLLE compatible pouches.
  • Reinforced drag handle on the back.
  • Interlacing system at the back centre of cummerbund with bungee cord, secured with plastic cord locks.
  • Carrier panels are well padded to provide positive buoyancy.
  • Soft Armour panels in NIJ Level IIIA (04 or 06 standards) Stab and Spike.
  • Hard Armour plates available in NIJ Level III and IV in either in-conjunction or stand alone.
  • Side Plate pouches available.
  • A releasable version is also available.

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