At Sarkar Tactical, our thorough knowledge of the distinctive demands posed by high-risk environments drives us to supply a high-grade range of body armour engineered to ensure your safety.


From plate carriers to protective ballistic vests, and defensive hard armour plates, all of our tactical armour commits to our pursuit of precision engineering and high levels of safety.


Explore our protective body armour surplus and discover our range of plate carriers, ballistic vests and other ballistic accessories:

Our Range of Body Armour and Tactical Wear

Sarkar Bellator Plate Carrier

Tactical Body Armour Designed for Comfort

At Sarkar Tactical, we make sure to offer a diverse and comprehensive range of body armour and tactical wear to meet the needs of professionals operating in high-risk environments. Our products are engineered using high-performance protective materials, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and comfort. We also offer a range of lightweight armour plates and ballistic shields which provide up to NIJ Level IV protection.

Other Protective Equipment From Sarkar Tactical

In addition to body armour and tactical wear, we offer a wide range of other protective equipment designed to enhance your safety in high-threat situations. Explore our selection of protective gear, including ballistic helmets, EOD and demining PPE and tactical communication gear.

Contact us

If you are in need of further assistance  when looking for protective equipment, contact us. We are always on hand to offer any assistance you may need.


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