Alpha High Cut Helmet – Fully Equipped – Sarkar x Comera



key features

  • The Sarkar Tactical Alpha High Cut Helmet is designed to meet the rigorous challenges of Law Enforcement, Assault and Special Operations Teams. The helmet is lightweight and offers superior protection against ballistic threats and secondary projectiles.

  • The reduced profile helmet shell, with its higher side trim, provides  an improved interface with various sighing devices, gunstock clearance and headsets that typically do not fit under an ACH or PASGT helmet. It also integrates with various military goggles, gas masks and other accessories.

  • For comfort and adjustability, the helmet comes with the Sarkar FlexLoc® Dial Retention System as standard. The helmet also includes Night Eagle ® NVG Shroud, accessory rails and a Delta Three Oscar Halo liner ® which can be upgraded to the Delta Three Oscar Trust Stealth ® 7 Pad System.



Successfully tested for the following:

NIJ Level IIIA 0106.01

  • 9mm 124 gr FMJ
  • 44 MAG 240 gr LSWC
  • Attenuation, 9mm, 44 MAG-PASS
  • 9mm 124 gr FMJ BFS < 16mm

Shock Absorption tested to EN397 – PASS

AR/PD10-02 REV. A2012/CO/PD-05-04: 2207 @ 3 metres/ps

EN966:1996 Helmets for airborne sports (jump ready)

Fragmentation V50 as per MIL-STD-662F/STANAG 2920

  • 17 gr FSP = 720 metres/ps
  • 16 gr RCC = 732 metres/ps
  • 4 gr RCC = 950 metres/ps
  • 2 g r RCC = 1267 metres/ps
  • 64 gr RCC = 553 metres/ps

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