nij level 4 armour plate

What Can Level 4 Body Armour Stop?

Discover the protection offered by Level 4 body armour from Sarkar Tactical. Learn what threats it can stop & ensure your safety with professional ballistic defence.

Four soldiers are scanning an abandoned building. They are wearing military camo trousers and tops, ballistic helmets, ballistic plate carriers, gloves and guns.

What Does Level 3a Body Armour Stop?

Explore the capabilities and applications of Level 3a body armour, and learn which ammunition types it can stop in Sarkar Tactical’s comprehensive guide.

nij level 3 armour plate

What Does Level 3 Body Armour Stop?

Level 3 body armour is known for being able to stop assault rifle calibre rounds. Learn about the specifications of level 3 body armour in this resource.

what are the levels of body armour

What are the Different Levels of Body Armour: NIJ Protection Levels

Learn what the different levels of body armour are. Find out what each level of NIJ protection is and what it is used for in this guide from Sarkar Tactical.

what are bulletproof vests made of

What are Bulletproof Vests Made Of?

Explore the materials and technology that make bulletproof vests resistant to ballistic threats with the latest guide from our expert team at Sarkar Tactical.

How to set up a Plate Carrier: Step-by-step set up Guide

Follow this full step-by-step guide on how a plate carrier is set up. From the set-up for each operation, to the correct plate level required.

what is a plate carrier

The Full Guide to Plate Carriers

Explore this useful resource to find out what a plate carrier is, what they are used for and how they work. From the experts at Sarkar Tactical.

A soldier wearing tactical gear

What is Tactical Gear?

Tactical gear refers to specialised equipment and clothing designed to enhance performance and increase safety in combat situations.  From bulletproof vests to night vision goggles, tactical gear encompasses an array of tools that enable individuals to navigate challenging environments.  This essential gear plays a critical role in ensuring the success of operations due to its […]

Four soliders wearing tactical armour

The Full Guide to Protective Armour

The importance of advanced protective gear cannot be overstated. For military personnel and special forces operating in high-risk environments, having reliable body armour and protective equipment can make all the difference between safety and injury. At Sarkar Tactical, we understand the critical nature of dangerous environments. We take great pride in crafting bespoke, premium, and […]


This year, Sarkar Tactical partnered with Reamda for the DSEI London exhibition 2023. With a bespoke stand and furniture, we curated an interactive and engaging stand, allowing visitors so hold and touch the equipment, whilst seeing both of the ROV’s on a terrain-like platform. DSEI was a massive success, where the Sarkar Staff had the […]


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