Sarkar Demining Vest – Sarkar x Comera



key features

The Sarkar Tactical Demining Vest provides maximum comfort and protection to the upper body, neck, shoulders, groin and thighs of de-miners against blast type anti-personnel mines. It is a side-opening over-vest that can either come with 360 degree protection or with a mesh back, giving good ventilation for hot weather operations.

The design enables quick donning and fast removal. The demining vest has an integral collar that overlaps a standard fragmentation visor, preventing blast ingress under the visor in compliance with IMAS 10.30 2009. The extended groin flap acts as an integral apron to protect the groin and thigh region.

Weight: 2.8kg

Aerial Density:

V50 450 m/s – 2.7 kg/m2

V50 550 m/s – 4.85 kg/m2

V50 650 m/s – 5.6 kg/m2


Engineered from high-strength DuPont Kevlar®

High-strength 1000 denier Cordura® or Nomex® outer shell.

STANAG 2920 with a V50 rating of 450 m/s .17 gr FSP conforming to IMAS 10.30 2009. We can meet any fragmentation level up to 650 m/s.

Incorporates front and rear pockets for the insertion of hard armour plates.

A large demining vest weighs around 2.8kg (V50 450 m/s).


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