Sarkar Tactical body armour plates offer protection against ballistic threats. Our plates are made in the UK, and designed to meet the complete requirements of the relevant NIJ Levels.

Our Range of Hard Armour Plates

Sarkar Delta-3
This lightweight 10” x 12” Level III plate reduces spall and has a multi-curved shape to fit the body comfortably…
The Sarkar Delta 3 plate is designed to meet the complete requirements of NIJ level III. This Dyneema® plate…
This single-curve 6” x 6” Side Plate has been independently tested to defeat the 7.62 x 63mm AP round…
This high performing 10” x 12” Type III/IV plate remains our most economical and popular offering…
This high performing 10” x 12” Type IV plate offers the most comprehensive stand alone protection from Level…
This 10” x 12” plate is our ultra-light NIJ Level IV insert and utilises a Hot Pressed Boron Carbide/Dyneema…

Body Armour Plates at Sarkar Tactical

Our body armour plates are designed to provide maximum coverage and protection. We offer 10”x12” ballistic plates, and 6”x6” side plates. Our plates are trusted by armed forces across the world. We prioritise our commitment to safegaurding during our manufacturing process. All plates are developed and tested to ensure operating personnel receive the protection they need.

Our Full Range of Protective Armour

As well as offering the best ballistic plates made in the UK, we also offer ballistic vests, plate carriers and protective clothing. Make sure to see our full ballistic range, including shields and accessories.

Contact us

For more information about our ballistic plates and protective armour, please contact us. Our expert team is ready to offer any professional advice you may require.


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