Sarkar Tactical provides an extensive range of EOD and demining personal protective equipment (PPE). Our UK-manufactured demining gear is the choice of professionals across the world. Designed to be used in high risk environments, our demining PPE collection represents the pinnacle of protective gear. We craft and test all of our products to ensure they are at the highest standard.


Our Range of EOD and Demining PPE

Sarkar Demining Helmet
The performance of aramid, bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix using SARKAR’s unique process…
The SARKAR Demining Search Suit is a recent development to meet a demand for a “Total Coverage” suit…
The Sarkar Tactical Demining Vest has been designed to provide maximum comfort and protection…
SARKAR VISOR BAND consists of fullface clear 5mm polycarbonate visor extended by 5” at the top…
Developed in co-operation with a leading expert in EOD, the special all leather boots have protection…

EOD and Demining PPE at Sarkar Tactical

Sarkar Tactical commits to designing, testing and manufacturing equipment to keep you safe. Our range of demining PPE includes demining protective suits and vests, alongside visors, helmets and boots.

Other EOD and Demining Equipment

View our full range of EOD and demining gear. This includes bespoke bomb suits, EOD and demining equipment and bomb blankets. Every piece of equipment at Sarkar Tactical is made to the highest specifications. All of our EOD and demining gear is designed to provide the most secure level of protection.

Contact us

For more information about our Demining PPE, please contact us. Our expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the right gear.


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