Sarkar Tactical makes bespoke EOD bomb disposal suits. Working in partnership with professionals across the world, our bomb disposal suits are in use by armed forces, government security industries and high profile non-governmental organizations. 


Our suits are crafted to specifically withstand the pressure created by a bomb explosion. They also provide protection against any fragments and shrapnel that may be produced.


Our Range of EOD Bomb Disposal Suits

Talon Bomb Disposal Suit

The Talon Helmet is an optimally balance EOD helmet which is comfortable to wear. There is a built in forced air…

A contemporary Bomb Disposal Suit which is used worldwide, both in armed forces service and with diverse…

Sarkar Tacticals EOD Bomb Disposal Suits

Our professional standard bomb disposal suits offer the highest level of protection. The ballistic materials used in the Mantis bomb suit and the Talon bomb suit have been tested inline with the recognised NATO standard. High manoeuvrability levels make our suits ready for the harshest of environments. They are proven to be effective during tactical search missions and demining operations.

Other EOD and Demining Gear From Sarkar Tactical

At Sarkar Tactical, we provide a surplus of premium EOD and demining gear, trusted by explosive disposal professionals across the world. View our demining PPE, EOD and demining equipment and our range of bomb blankets

Contact us

If you require further assistance when looking for bomb disposal suits, please contact us. Our friendly and expert team are happy to offer any help you may need.


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