Sarkar Demining Vest

The Sarkar Tactical Demining Vest has been designed to provide maximum comfort and protection to the upper body, neck, shoulders, groin and thighs of deminers against blast type anti-personnel mines. It is a side opening overt vest that can either come with 360 degree protection or with a mesh back, giving good ventilation for hot weather operations.

The design enables quick donning and fast removal. The demining vest has an integral collar which overlaps a standard fragmentation visor reventing blast ingress under the visor, in compliance with IMAS 10.30 2009. The extended groin flap acts as an integral apron to protect the groin and thigh region.

Available Colours

Available Sizes

Available in S to XL – Vests can be tailor-made to your measurements

Main Features


The Sarkar Tactical Demining Vest has been designed to provide maximum…
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