Welcome to Regan’s classroom, an area where you can remain up to date with our product launches, information, how-to’s about our items, and answers to queries. It is your ultimate guide to Sarkar Tactical.


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Sarkar Tactical's Bomb Blanket

Play Video about Security and Policing Event Vlog

Security and Policing Event

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Take a Closer Look at Our Falcon ATV

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Regan Explores Our Best Sellng Ballistic Shin Guards

Play Video about Thea Final

Meet Thea

Play Video about Stephen (aka Stevos)

Stephen (aka Stevos)

Play Video about Regan and Jow

Regan and Jow

Play Video about Regan Chats About Our Doorkicker Gloves

Regan Chats About Our Doorkicker Gloves

Play Video about Bellator

Regan Takes a Look at Our Popular Bellator Plate Carrier

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Sam and Regan Discuss Warrior Elite

Play Video about Krieger Quick Release Plate Carrier

Krieger Quick Release Plate Carrier

Play Video about The Alpha High Cut Helmet

Volume I - Episode II: The Alpha High Cut Helmet

Play Video about Regan Classroom Flex Loc

Flex Loc: Regan Discusses our User Based Technology

Play Video about An introduction to Regan Huges

An introduction to Regan Huges: Get to know our own Action Man here at Sarkar Tactical


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