Sarkar Demining Suit

The SARKAR Demining Search Suit is a recent development to meet a demand for a “Total Coverage” suit that is lighter, offers more freedom of movement than a standard EOD suit and more protection than a Fragmentation Vest.


JACKET: Provides front, back, and side, shoulder and neck protection with the additional feature of armor plate pockets. The high collar is designed to work in conjunction with the SARKAR Mine Helmet.

ARMS: Separate sleeves provide optimum mobility.

GROIN PROTECTOR: Can be worn in either the raised or lowered position. When raised it provides extra protection to the abdomen area.

TROUSERS: Supported by stout braces, this unique design provides freedom of movement and optimum protection to the legs.

HELMET & VISOR: The SARKAR Mine Helmet and Visor provide unequalled protection to head and neck areas.

MATERIAL: Laminated panels of woven aramid provide the “soft” protection.These packs are tailored to provide maximum extent of protection.

The design of the laminate allows a high degree of flexibility to accommodate anthropometric variations and avoid restrictions to movement. The armor system also meets the blast protection requirements of International Mine Standard (IMAS) 10.30.   

Available Colours

Custom colours are available on request

Available Sizes

Available in S to XXL

Main Features


The Sarkar Tactical Demining Vest has been designed to provide maximum…
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The SARKAR Demining Search Suit is a recent development to meet a demand for…
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