what are the levels of body armor

What are the Different Levels of Body Armor: NIJ Protection Levels

There are a range of different levels of protective body armor. Each plate, or vest, is designed for a different purpose. To decide which level of body armor you require, you must understand each level. The NIJ levels of protection are a standard set to define what each level of body armor is designed to […]

what are bulletproof vests made of

What are Bulletproof Vests Made Of?

Throughout recent history, there have been continuous technological advancements made to the science behind protective armor. People who work in the police force, security details, the military, and special forces all understand the critical importance of wearing professional gear. It can be a determining factor in the safety and well-being of many individuals in the […]

How to set up a Plate Carrier: Step-by-step set up Guide

Setting up a plate carrier properly is crucial to ensuring the users’ safety. Plate carriers must also be set up in a way where weight is distributed evenly throughout the torso, while also retaining access to high priority equipment.  In this comprehensive guide from Sarkar Tactical, we run through how to set up a plate […]

what is a plate carrier

The Full Guide to Plate Carriers

Plate carriers are a type of tactical vest with a protective insert that allows for the insertion of ballistic plates. They serve the same purpose as a traditional bulletproof vest, however, plate carriers are generally much lighter than a ballistic vest. This is due to the option for customisable body coverage. Plate carriers have become […]

What is Tactical Gear?

Tactical gear refers to specialized equipment and clothing designed to enhance performance and increase safety in combat situations.  From bulletproof vests to night vision goggles, tactical gear encompasses an array of tools that enable individuals to navigate challenging environments.  This essential gear plays a critical role in ensuring the success of operations due to its […]

Four soldiers wearing protective armor

Our Full Guide to Protective Armor

The importance of advanced protective gear cannot be overstated. For military personnel and special forces operating in high-risk environments, having reliable body armor and protective equipment can make all the difference between safety and injury. At Sarkar Tactical, we understand the critical nature of dangerous environments. We take great pride in crafting bespoke, premium, and […]

dsei stand showcasing our ballistic helmets, vests, plates, plate carriers, ROV's and demining capabilities.


This year, Sarkar Tactical partnered with Reamda for the DSEI London exhibition 2023. With a bespoke stand and furniture, we curated an interactive and engaging stand, allowing visitors so hold and touch the equipment, whilst seeing both of the ROV’s on a terrain-like platform. DSEI was a massive success, where the Sarkar Staff had the […]

LAAD 2023

From the 11th-14th of April, the Sarkar Team were thrilled to exhibit at LAAD 2023, the largest and most important exhibition in Latina America.

Outreach Paramedics

Partnership with Outreach Paramedics

At Sarkar Tactical, we understand the vital impact of our work and the lifesaving equipment we provide.

Jow’s Visit - Sarkar Tactical

Jow’s Visit

We welcomed our friend Jow to our headquarters in Glasgow, all the way from Brazil.


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