Vulkan Maxi Recoilless De-Armer Disrupter

The Vulkan Disrupter system is a 4th generation maxi modular, variable projectile mass, recoilless equipment which can be configured as:

  • Close Up De Armer using plain slug or chisel slug against UXB fuses.
  • Stand Off De Armer using spin stabilised plain slug at ranges up to 30m (100ft) against UXB fuses.
  • Close Up De Armer using blade projectile typically against pipe bombs and certain other IEDs.
  • Close Up Disrupter using either 200ml or 300ml of water in C-IED applications.
  • Stand Off Disrupter using 200g spin stabilised frangible projectiles at ranges of up to 30m (100ft) and beyond in C-IED
    applications and in breaching / entry SWAT operations etc.

Main Features


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