At Sarkar Tactical, we stock the most dependable ballistic helmets available online. Designed to achieve the perfect balance of wearer comfort and functionality, our advanced combat helmets provide maximum protection at minimal weight. Browse our selection today.

Our Range of Ballistic Special Forces Helmets

The Sarkar Alpha High Cut Helmet is designed to meet the rigorous challenges of law enforcement..

sarkar sigma helmet

The Sarkar Sigma lightweight tactical helmet is a perfect combination of the advanced tactical helmet…

Comprising of a lightweight shell with ultra-comfortable webbing and four point harness system..

Sarkar CVC Helmet – Combat Vehicle Crewman Helmet has been designed for tank crews and soldiers…

The Sarkar Fully Equipped (ATH) is based upon the US Army’s MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet)…

High-Cut Ballistic Helmets

For scenarios which demand greater situational awareness, movement and communication, high-cut ballistic helmets are great versatile options for police units and special forces. These combat helmets are higher cut around the ears to ensure compatibility with popular communication devices and accessories.

Sarkar PASGT Helmets

The Sarkar PASGT helmet is a traditional military headpiece designed to offer high levels of protection against ballistics. Engineered for both lightweight performance and comfort, this helmet features secure four point harness straps and webbing to provide a stable, snug fit.

Other Advanced Combat Helmets Available From Sarkar Tactical

Mid-cut Ballistic helmets are cut tighter around the ears of the wearer, offering increased protection for troops that do not require helmet attachments. Advanced tactical ballistic helmets are designed to incorporate modular attachments and customization options. Our range of CVC helmets are ideal for tank crews and soldiers who need to wear large communication devices whilst on missions.

Contact us

If you are interested in any of our ballistic helmets, please get in touch with our expert team. We will provide our advice and recommendations, ensuring you choose the best helmet for your needs. Contact us for a quote today.


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