Sarkar Alpha High Cut Helmet

The Sarkar Alpha High Cut Helmet is designed to meet the rigorous challenges of law enforcement, assault and special operations teams. The helmet is lightweight and offers superior protection against ballistic threats as well as secondary projectiles.

The reduced profile helmet shell, with its higher side trim, provides improved interface with various sighting devices, gunstock clearance and headsets that do not typically fit under an ACH or PASGT helmet. It also integrates with various military goggles.

The helmet comes standard with Sarkar Secure-Fit 4-point Retention System, which offers stability, comfort, and adjustability for the wearer. This can be upgraded with the Flexloc dial harness. The helmet can also include an adjustable thickness liner system.

Available Colours

Custom colours are available on request

Available Sizes

1 (M-L) / 2 (L-XL)

Main Features


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