The Sarkar Doorkicker Tactical Glove is primarily designed to be a versatile, high-performance shooting glove, essential for all tactical operations where breaching is necessary. Manufactured from strong and durable materials, this tactical military glove ensures maximum protection and adaptability in all scenarios.

This tactical glove features our unique leather and hard knuckle design, with light padding in the palm and around the outer edges of the hand for excellent protection.

Designed for all SWAT and tactical teams, this glove is specifically tailored for breachers, military ground combat forces operating in mechanised vehicles, and Special Forces. Perfect for safely breaking and raking, or using a battering ram to enter a room with force. Check out our range of protective clothing and armor for more. 

Available Colors

Custom colours are available on request.

Available Sizes

Available in S – XL

Main Features of Sarkar Doorkicker Tactical Gloves


Designed by and specifically for military personnel and police firearms teams…

Sarkar Military CWU-45P Flight Jacket is as per the current, government-issue USAF…

These Flight Gloves are an Extended Length Glove, It has been modelled to ex- act US…


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