Sarkar Tactical’s ballistic helmet line offers an array of protective headgear tailored for ground troops and Special Forces.


Ballistic helmets are used by Armed Forces around the world for reducing combat fatalities. All of our ballistic helmets are proudly made in-house from modern raw materials such as Kevlar and are superior in the area of protection.


Ensuring we elevate the benchmark of safegaurding, our helmets boast NIJ Level IIIA Protection without compromising weight. The latest ballistic materials provide advanced protection and superior comfort to accommodate users’ needs. Our priority is to ensure not only your protection but also your comfort. We leverage cutting-edge ballistic technologies and leading manufacturing techniques to produce helmets that not only offer superior defence but also weigh significantly less than any of our competitors’ products. Notably, we are also one of the few European companies that can proudly present full NIJ-accredited V50 test results for both FSP and RCC fragments according to MIL-Std-662F standards.


Explore our extensive collection of cutting-edge Tactical Ballistic Helmets and Accessories, crafted to excel within the most demanding modern combat requirements.

Our Range of Tactical Headgear

HEL-STAR 6® multi-function helmet mounted LED light

Tactical Headgear

We understand the critical importance of head protection in high-risk environments. Our comprehensive range of ballistic helmets offers safety, technicality and trust, providing you with the confidence and assurance you need during tactical operations. Whether you are a military professional or are actively involved in any tactical operation, our precisely engineered ballistic helmets are built, tried, tested and proven to safeguard your head from ballistic threats and other potential hazards.

We also present a range of helmet accessories which provide compatibility with our helmet range.

Other Body Armor and Equipment From Sarkar Tactical

We offer a comprehensive range of body armor and equipment designed to meet the highest standards of protection and performance. Take a look at our full range, including protective armor, EOD and demining PPE and our tactical communications range.

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