The Sarkar tactical floatation vest 110 provides ballistic protection and buoyancy. This vest has the protective qualities of a tactical vest with the water safety features of a floatation vest.

The tactical floatation vest 110 is specifically designed to withstand the rigours of military and tactical service life. The design of the shoulder closure combined with a full wrap-around nylon webbing belt and groin strap prevent the vest from riding up while in the water.

The vest features a continuous front and rear panel design. This ensures the full extent of protection to the front, back, and sides of the torso.

Consisting of panels of woven water-repellent Aramid sealed in an armor bag to provide “soft” protection, these packs are tailored to provide the maximum extent of protection. The design of the Aramid allows a high degree of flexibility to accommodate anthropometric variations and avoid restrictions to movement. The full armor construction is maintained over the entire ballistic panel.

Available Colours

Available Sizes

Available in S to XXL

Main Features of the Sarkar Tactical Floatation Vest 110


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Upgrade your ballistic vest, for a higher coverage area, with our ballistic…

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