Sarkar Tactical manufactures a wide range of body armor plates which provide protection from NIJ Level 3 and Level 4 projectiles, either in conjunction with (ICW) our vest or as Stand Alone units. We offer Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Boron Carbide and Dyneema plates. These ballistic plates are designed to offer maximum protection at the lowest possible weight. All our plates are multi-shot, multi-curve or single curve, resistant to oil and salt water.

We at Sarkar Defence are the only manufacturers in USA who offer our standard Level 4 (IV) plates rated for 3 shots of 7.62×63 AP M2. Our factory, based in El Paso, Texas, continue to represent the very best of US manufacturing. Our special relationship with leading companies as DuPont Kevlar® & Teijin Twaron, DSM Dyneema® ensures that we are continually at the cutting-edge of innovative ballistic technology.