Outreach Paramedics

At Sarkar Tactical, we understand the vital impact of our work and the lifesaving equipment we provide. That is why we are delighted and honoured to announce our partnership with Outreach Paramedics.

We have provided their team with Bellator plate carriers, Warrior Elite plates and patches for their mission and look forward to continuing our relationship further.

Outreach Paramedics

In founder Declan Sarsfield’s own words:

Our Origin

Faye and I met working for a previous organisation where we were both a part of efforts to send 8 ambulances and several tonnes of medical supplies to Ukraine. We wanted to continue our efforts and had also identified how valuable paramedics are, and how important it is to have a connection to the NHS/medical world when providing humanitarian medical aid. We also realised there was no dedicated home for paramedics to undertake outreach and humanitarian work, so we decided to start Outreach Paramedics in June, 2022.

The journey so far…

We started fundraising for ambulances by starting and publicising our JustGiving page. In June and July we held several highway holdups in Cornwall which raised £5,000. On behalf of Outreach Paramedics, a Ukrainian lady from Cornwall who had seen our efforts, on the 24th August coordinated 3 Ukrainian Independence Day events to help us generate funds. We encouraged local schools in Cornwall to raise money in a “Schools for Ukraine” initiative as well as connecting with the local community, churches, fetes etc. via social media and word of mouth and generating further funds. The Saltash community have really given us a warm welcome after meeting through the Ukrainian Independence Day event at the Community Enterprises PL12 Kitchen. Saltash Fire Station have raised funds on our behalf by competing in a “999 challenge”, 9 firefighters in full breathing apparatus, running 9 miles in under 9 hours across the Tamar Bridge. Several Christmas fayres were also held by the community, where crafts made by Psyanka Craft Group, which includes many Ukrainian volunteers including children, were on sale. Many local businesses also took part and donated proceeds to Outreach Paramedics.

(I may be missing some events owing to the overwhelming support we have received in Cornwall and further afield).

We have been donated an ambulance by the University of the West of England (UWE), which they used by as a training ambulance for their students. However, this ambulance had broken suspension and was in need of repair. Plantspeed Ltd from Bristol very kindly transported the vehicle free of charge, to Transim Solutions Ltd in Woking on the back of a huge flatbed. Since then, Transim Solutions Ltd have repaired the suspension, serviced. MOT’d and fully recommissioned the vehicle.

We have used the funds generated by fundraising activities to purchase a further ambulance, to service and repair any defects, and for the cost of the mission itself.

Most recently, we have proudly partnered with Sarkar Tactical, who have provided our team with top specification body armour and ballistic protection and training, to ensure they remain as safe as possible whilst on missions.

Our Aims

Our aims as an organisation are to send ambulances, medical supplies and HCPC registered paramedics in response to humanitarian crises. Currently our aim is to achieve this by facilitating as many ambulances and as much medical supplies to Ukraine as possible, providing training and servicing those ambulances.

We have two ambulances and several tonnes of medical supplies which are due to leave Saltash, Cornwall on 22nd January. They will be driven over by a team of paramedics, first to Poland, to our partners “Communication without barriers” (Jolanty Kwaśniewskiej -the Former First Lady of Poland’s foundation) where the handover process will begin. Following this, the paramedics will drive the ambulances into Ukraine where they will meet up with the “Specialised Unit of Ukrainian State Service for Emergency Situations in Rovne Oblast”. The paramedics will conduct training on these ambulances.

Looking further forwards, we will be giving UK HCPC paramedics, the opportunity of placements on these ambulances, working on the frontline, providing prehospital emergency care where it is needed most.

Outreach Paramedics: http://www.outreachparamedics.org

JustGiving: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/outreachparamedics

Social media handles: https://linktr.ee/outreachparamedics

Facebook: @Outreachparamedics

Twitter: @Outreachparas

Instagram: @Outreachpara

Tiktok: @outreach_paramedics

LinkedIn: Outreach Paramedics

Giving Back

Sunflower Scotland

Sarkar Tactical has been proudly working with Sunflower Scotland. Sunflower Scotland is a Scottish charity dedicated to helping the most vulnerable Ukrainians on the front line, receive essentials such as food and baby care packages.

All food is purchased in Ukraine itself, assisting in funding the economy whilst providing essential care. The Sunflower Scotland team are one of the few charities to go so close to the front line, reaching people that have been excluded from other support, risking their own lives whilst doing so.

In order to support this vital organization, at Sarkar Tactical, we have been working on issuing equipment to volunteers going on missions to Ukraine, such as helmets, plate carriers, plates, and gloves, in order to protect those who are risking their lives to help others. We have also assisted in providing contacts on the front line with the same vital goods.

To help this valuable charity continue their necessary work and find out more, please visit their website provided. If you would like to donate please find their just giving page, also provided.

Thank you.

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