As a leading manufacturer of protective equipment and tactical products, Sarkar Tactical offers our range of bomb blankets. Made from aramid fabric, our bomb blankets are strong, durable, and heat resistant. These characteristics make our blankets the superior choice for protecting people and property in high-risk environments from explosions, shrapnel, and more.


Our Range of Ballistic Bomb Blankets

Sarkar Ballistic Bomb Blankets
The Talon Helmet is an optimally balance EOD helmet which is comfortable to wear.

Features of Ballistic Bomb Blankets From Sarkar Tactical

Bomb blankets from Sarkar are easily deployable, ideal for use in security, perimeter defense and shielding. Here are some of their main features:

Aramid Fibre

Our bomb blankets are crafted using aramid fiber, a synthetic material known for its heat resistance and incredible tensile strength. This high-performance fiber and its properties are essential for ensuring the safety of armed police, bomb disposal units and special forces.

Versatile Protection

Easy to transport and deploy in the field, these bomb blankets can be used in a variety of different scenarios and provide a number of tactical possibilities.

Compact and Portable

Our bomb blankets are designed and engineered to be compact and portable. Easily carried and stored, this readiness means that you are always prepared for potential threats without affecting your day-to-day operations.

Unmatched Quality

Sarkar’s protective equipment and products are manufactured exclusively in the UK, from the highest quality raw materials. Our bomb blankets are no exception. When it comes to safeguarding lives, there is no room for error.

Contact us

If you have any questions or queries regarding our range of bomb blankets, please contact our team of experts at Sakar Tactical. Make your purchase with confidence, knowing you are prepared for any situation.


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