Established through the vision, dedication and hard-work of former Navy Officer Sam Sarkar, the company has blossomed from a one-man outfit offering body armor solutions, to today’s crew of committed colleagues.

A Vision for Protecting the Protectors

It never started as a manufacturing company.The intention was to buy and sell, make a trading type business.However, every time Sam received vests, helmets, plates from another manufacturer, he found something wrong with them. Sam felt an obligation towards his former colleagues, those who serve in uniform every-day.His view was simple, if it wasn’t good enough for him to wear, it wasn’t good enough for someone else.After countless days and hours of learning, testing and studying, Sam made his first vest in December 2008.The rest, as they say, is history. Orders quickly followed and the company began to grow.In 2010, again in pursuit of ‘making things better’, a composite center was born making Hard Armor plates. Sarkar Tactical Inc. started making its own helmets in 2014 making it one of only a handful of companies in the world who can fabricate and press their own ballistic shell from flat fabric.

Since we have started manufacturing our items, we haven’t looked back. We are proud to be in USA and in proud to be in Texas.So every product we make reflects that pedigree and the heritage of Made in USA. Our ethos is fairly simple, thousands of 1s instead of 1 of thousands (i.e. quality is never compromised over quantity). Soldiers only get issued with one set of kit. It doesn’t matter if the other million are perfect, if that one vest has a fault then it could prove fatal. Our clients all over the world tell us that when they see our name on an item and the label says 100% Made in USA, they are immediately assured of the quality and reliability of the item. So as more and more of the country outsource their manufacturing, we are bringing more functions in-house.

Bespoke Manufacturing to Turn-Key Solutions

In 2016, Sarkar Tactical started offering turn-key solutions to U.S. Government clients and we have since expanded into providing an extensive product line, service and training portfolio to organizations across the globe.