Ballistic Glass

Constructed from several layers of glass bonded with various interlayers of tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB), polyurethane and polycarbonate. The construction of the glass is designed to absorb and disperse the impact energy of a projectile, safeguarding those behind the glass.



The thickness of the glass is determined by the perceived threat level. Sarkar reputation and passion for innovation ensures our Bullet Resistant glass is some of the thinnest available on the market, allowing for seamless integration into everyday constructions. Globally our glass provides protection for high risk military installations, government buildings, embassies, airports, banks and high value retail outlets, VIP residences, cash transfer vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and VIP limousines.

Please refer to our product gallery, for Threat Table of ballistic glass.

Spall Allowed vs No Spall

Sarkar offer two fundamental options for bullet resistant glass; spall allowed and no spall. The requirement for spall allowed / no spall is part of the European standard BS EN 1063. Both options are very effective but are suited to different applications. Spall allowed will emit splinters of glass from the reverse of the panel when impacted. It makes it suitable for applications with a stand-off distance from the glass, e.g. a shop window, or similar.

No spall is constructed using both glass and polycarbonate one of the strongest glazing materials available with an impact resistance many times greatest than float or toughened glass. The polycarbonate fully absorbs the impact of the projectile resulting in a zero spall option which provides superior bullet resistance, enabling overall glass thickness to be reduced by up to 40% over conventional bullet resistant glass; enhancing light transmission and glass clarity. No spall could also be achieved with an antispall film, No spall constructions are particularly suited to applications such as cashier booths and vehicles; anywhere where people will be positioned within a close proximity of the glass.


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